This Sea Point takeaway spot is a must-try for sushi lovers on the go.

We all love the taste of fresh sushi and it doesn't get fresher than Gushi Sushi in Sea Point. Operating from the Oceans Edge fish outlet, the takeaway sushi joint on Regent Road couldn't be any closer to their main supplier if they tried. The fish they use for their sushi rolls is cut fresh daily inside the store and the sushi chef orders fresh cuts from the Oceans Edge guys as he needs throughout the day. Which means your sushi tastes better and you don't have to worry about how long the fish you're eating has been standing around making friends with all sorts of nasty bacteria in the air. Long story short; Gushi Sushi is a takeaway sushi lovers dream!

In addition to the fresher-than-fresh fish Gushi Sushi also offers sushi lovers a menu with a difference. Sure, they have the usual California Rolls, Fashion Sandwiches and Maki but there's also so much more to discover on the small, but varied menu. For those looking for something out of the ordinary try the Gourmet sushi menu. For health fundis there's the Banting Sushi roll (jalapeño, salmon & cream cheese wrapped in cucumber and topped with cashew nuts and sesame seeds – R65 for 8 pieces) and pregnant moms who can't eat raw fish will adore the Rooster roll (Grilled chicken & avo wrapped in carrot origame deep fried and topped with 7 spice, sesame seed and spicy mayo – R65 for 8 pieces).

I also loved that they offer single serving Gushi Rolls similar to the ones in Australia! These big uncut chopstick-free sushi rolls offer a few bites in one roll and can be held in one hand and munched while you walk. Try the Tuna Gushi Roll for R55 for 2 pieces or the Vegetarian for R45 for 2 pieces. The two pieces are enough to fill you up as a post-workout snack or a small bite to eat when you're feeling nibbly. I popped into the Sea Point shop for a taste of the Gushi Rolls and a few other things from the menu and absolutely adored their sushi. I tried the Salmon Gushi Roll (R55 for 2), the Pesto Nut roll (avo, cucumber, & pesto rolled in black rice and topped with cashew nut – R65 for 8 pieces) and the Skinny roll (salom & avo wrapped in cucumber topped with mayo and caviar – R65 for 8 pieces). I loved the Pesto Nut roll which is made with black rice - a healthier alternative to white sushi rice which loaded with antioxidants – and the Skinny Roll was to die for!

If you can't make it to Sea Point to try Gushi Sushi then you will be happy to know that they will also come to you! The spot offers catering for special occasions as well as sushi classes for those who want to learn how to make their own sushi. They also pop up at markets and festivals around Cape Town every now and then so keep an eye out for them!

Address: 84a Regent Road, Sea Point



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