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How it works

1. Fill in the Application Form on this page and select the restaurant(s) you would like a loyalty card for.

2. Once your details have been submitted we will process your order and get it ready, either for delivery to you or for collection at the restaurant you have chosen.

3. Each restaurant is free to customize their loyalty card as they wish.

4. When you go out to eat make sure you take your loyalty card with you to get your stamp.

5. The loyalty card is valid for 3 months, and you need to collect all 6 stamps within this time.

6. Once you have collected all your stamps and filled up your card you may hand it in to the restaurant in exchange for a free meal*

7. After you redeem your free meal*, remember to order a new card from us!

* Free meal can be in the form of a complimentary buffet - for buffet type loyalty cards, or a voucher - for voucher type loyalty cards, with a value determined by the restaurant(s).


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CTSC can't guarantee that prices are accurate at all times and is not affiliated to any of the restaurants advertised.