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Sushi Burgers! The best of both worlds!

Sushi Burger 1 

When we heard about this latest food trend doing the rounds on Instagram, we couldn't help but drool over these hunger-inducing Sushi burgers! We love Sushi, everyone knows that but we also love burgers, especially healthy, homemade burgers, so combining these two just sounds like heaven to us.

 sushi burger

People have really gone all out in creating their own interpretations of what they think a Sushi burger should be, and it seems that anything that has a rice 'bun' instead of a traditional bread bun, passes as a Sushi burger. We have seen vegan Sushi burgers with fruit used instead of meat, traditional meaty burgers just with rice buns, Sushi burgers where the rice bun has been deep-fried to add some crunch and even miniature Sushi burgers you can still enjoy with chopsticks!

Hopefully you will love these as much as we do, and we challenge everyone to make their own Sushi burger and share their creation with Cape Town Sushi Club!

sushi burger 00

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