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Different Sushi Dishes

There are many different types of Sushi and some Sushi chefs are even making their own Sushi creations using common (and some not so common) ingredients. Below you will find the 6 most common types of Sushi you will be able to find on any menu: 

Sashimi – Raw, cooked or pickled sliced fish. Sometimes served on a bed of ice, salad or cucumber strips. 

Nigiri – A piece of Sashimi placed over a handful of rice. It is not uncommon for a chef to use wasabi or a strip of seaweed to bind the fish to the rice and add flavor. 

Maki – Thinly rolled sushi with the fish wrapped in rice and then seaweed. Also a popular vegetarian option where the fish is replaced with avocado or cucumber. 

Futomaki – Similar to traditional Maki, this is a thick roll with many different types of fish inside. 

Uramaki – Also known as a 'California roll' or 'Inside-out roll'. The most popular type of Sushi, this is basically a Maki roll but with the rice and seaweed swapped around. 

Temaki – Also known as a 'Hand roll', it is fish and rice wrapped in a seaweed cone and meant to be eaten with your hand like an ice cream.

History of Sushi
Ginger, Wasabi & Soya Sauce


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