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Sushi Burgers! The best of both worlds!

Sushi Burger 1 

When we heard about this latest food trend doing the rounds on Instagram, we couldn't help but drool over these hunger-inducing Sushi burgers! We love Sushi, everyone knows that but we also love burgers, especially healthy, homemade burgers, so combining these two just sounds like heaven to us.

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How to eat Sushi & proper Etiquette

Maki Salmon

Eating Sushi the traditional way is relatively simple, as you should use your hands for any Sushi where you do not need to touch the actual fish. So your California rolls, Maki, Nigiri etc. can all be eaten by picking it up with your hands, and your Sashimi should be picked up with chopsticks. However we are not in Japan and in most local restaurants you should probably stick to using your chopsticks for everything except the hand rolls.

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Ginger, Wasabi & Soya Sauce

Go to any Sushi restaurant and you will be provided with 3 complimentary items to go with your Sushi eating experience: Pickled ginger, Wasabi (More commonly dyed horseradish) and Soya Sauce.Traditionally called Gari, this is young ginger which has been pickled in sugar and vinegar and cut into thin slices, meant as a palate cleanser. With so many ...
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Different Sushi Dishes

There are many different types of Sushi and some Sushi chefs are even making their own Sushi creations using common (and some not so common) ingredients. Below you will find the 6 most common types of Sushi you will be able to find on any menu: Sashimi – Raw, cooked or pickled sliced fish. Sometimes served on a bed of ice, salad o...
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History of Sushi

Although many believe the Japanese discovered Sushi, it actually originated in Southeast Asia, sometime during the 2nd century A.D. The people would cure their meat and fish and wrap it in rice to preserve its freshness, thus not needing to keep the meat and fish refrigerated. Doing it this way meant it could be preserved for several months longer ...
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